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The experience gained and impact made at Kumble will create ripple effects that will last your entire career. Let's begin to carve your path.

Lawyers and Immigration Professionals


No other firm can match our size, scope, talent or client base. This is why we are the employer of choice for any law student, experienced professional or lawyer with a keen interest in providing legal services. As part of the preeminent firm in the field, you’ll join the best, learn from the best, and become the best.

Paralegals and Paraprofessionals


As the largest employee group at the firm, our paraprofessionals—including paralegals, consultants, advisors and coordinators—are at the core of our business.  From learning the business as an entry level professional to managing entire paraprofessional teams, you’ll have an unparalleled and rewarding career path, while providing invaluable support to our lawyers, immigration professionals and clients.

Professional Support Staff 


Our client-facing teams are supported by an exceptional team of professionals in the areas of office services, human resources, marketing, information technology, legal, finance and accounting. These teams offer opportunities to work and make a difference in a dynamic, global professional services environment. 

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