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Kumble & Co Announces Termination of It's Brazil Chief

The Board of Directors of Kumble & Co, today announced the termination of its Chief Executive Officer for it Brazil office, Dr. James Bishop Garnder, for violations of the Firm’s policies. This action was taken by the Firm’s Board of Directors who were advised by the Professional Ethics Committee(PEC) of Kumble & Co. Dr. Gardner will not receive any severance payment and he is no longer a member of the Firm’s Brazil Office Board of Directors.

In order to ensure continuity going forward, the firm has appointed Joana Baptiste to serve as acting CEO for Kumble Brazil office until a new leader is named.

The Desk of Dr. James B. Gardner has therefore been shutdown. If you have queries related to this desk, direct them to our customer service. The firm will begin an executive search for a new Brazil office CEO and no changes in its goals or objectives are planned.

In related recommendation from the PEC, Ms. Adina Patterson of the Ghana office has been suspended for a period of 6 months until internal audit of her activities are complete. Ms. Patterson will hand over all client in her possession to Mr. Patel Singh, esq.

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