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Kumbel Restructure Global Management Team

Dr. Raymond James

In relation to the approval for the election of eight Global Directors as obtained at the 47th Ordinary General Meeting held today, followed by a resolution on the election of representative directors at the Board of Directors Meeting. The following Directors were appointed to the board:

Raymond James - Audit & Supervisory Director (Non-Executive) - (Newly Elected)

As part of the new appointment, the Kumble & Co Executive Global Management Team hereby announces a fundamental firm-wide restructuring in order to enhance our ability to create value for our clients. In that line, the following appointment and restructuring of the following partners to the Executive Team are to take effective as of November 2, 2021:

Dr. Ian Borgmeyer - Global VP - CEO Kumble Africa

Sir. Jermaine Irving - Global VP - CEO Kumble Europe

Dr. Raheem Salifu Kasim - Global VP - CEO Kumble Asia

Dr. Allegra Loera - Global VP - CEO North America

Johana Baptiste - Global VP - CEO South America

Duncan Mendel - Global VP - CEO Middle East

Kumble & Co congratulates the above lawyers on their appointments.

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